Choose Abstinence

The pages on this site are going to give you some great information. You’re going to be faced with some choices – choices that no one can make for you. All we can do is provide you with the truth. Here’s a quick look at the abstinence section:

abstinence? - Reasons to wait. You’re worth it.
statistics – Don’t be another statistic – say “No” to the lie of safe sex!
know your stuff? – Quiz questions – can you pass the test?
frequently asked questions – Find out the truth.
frequently told lies – Recognize the lies.

What’s it all about?
To abstain means to voluntarily choose not to do something. We encourage you to abstain from anything that might hinder your purpose, dreams and goals.

Say what?
This site talks a lot about sexual abstinence until marriage, but there are many things that can keep you from reaching your goals. Drugs, drinking and smoking can definitely get in the way of your plans. So can being lazy, or even worrying too much about what others think of you.

Boil it down….
The decisions you make today will directly impact your tomorrow. Choose wisely…choose abstinence.

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Run after those goals you have – and don’t let anything get you off track!