Stats and Facts


This section throws around a lot of numbers, but remember we aren’t dealing with just numbers…we’re dealing with individuals.  We’re dealing with you.

Also, realize that the consequences of sex can be even more painful then pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  You see, condoms were designed to protect you from getting pregnant, and sometimes they do.  Condoms might prevent you from getting SOME sexually transmitted diseases…sometimes they do.  But condoms DO NOT protect your heart; they DO NOT protect your future; they DO NOT protect your dreams.  But you can, and all it takes is one decision:  The decision to go against the lie.

Abstinence offers 100% protection against STDs and pregnancy.  It also protects your heart.  Remember, all it takes is one decision:  The decision to go against the lie.

  • Quick Facts about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (contributed by Game Plan)
    • STDs are mostly bacterial or viral infections.
    • They are contracted through sexual activity.
    • Bacterial and other non-viral STDs can be cured with medication.
    • Viral STDs can be medically treated, but they cannot be cured.
    • STDs can be contracted through any kind of sexual activity – not just intercourse.
    • The United States has the highest STD rates of any country in the industrialized world.
    • Every day in America, 42,000 people get an STD…that’s one every two seconds.
    • 10,500 teenagers get an STD every day…that’s one every eight seconds.
    • Until the mid 1970s there were two primary STDs.  Today there are more than 25!

    Think about it…
    People will sometimes say that there are more STDs because people are having unprotected sex.  However, condom usage has increased dramatically over the past 20 years.  As condom use has increased, so has the spread of STDs.  In other words, STDs aren’t increasing because of more unprotected sex.  STDs are increasing because of a rise in multiple sexual relationships.

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