Former Camper Crowned Miss America!


Saturday, September 22, Katie Harman was crowned Miss America 2002. Her response to winning…”woo hoo!”


We at also have something to cheer about. Katie, an Oregon native, attended A.C. Green’s Leadership Camp in 1996. While not the best athlete at the camp, and certainly not the tallest (she stands just 5 feet 3 inches tall), Katie stood tall at the camp. In fact, she won the award for most valuable person – not player.

Becoming the most valuable person you can be is something that must be worked at continuously. Katie seems to have grasped this truth with both hands. (That’s more important than learning to grasp a basketball could ever be.) We are thrilled by the success stories of past campers such as Katie, and look forward to hearing more about her achievements in the months and years to come.

Katie, we wish you the best of luck during your reign as Miss America. Continue to pursue your goals and always remember to bend those knees and follow through on your free throws!